Basic information
1 January 2010–31 December 2010

The principal aim of the project, financed by Central European Association for Canadian Studies, was to present life and work of Canadian immigrants, who emigrated from Central European area, namely from nowadays Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia. The goal of the project Central Europe in Canada: CEACS Diaspora Project (2007–2010) was to publish a two-volume monograph entitled Migrating Memories (2010), divided into national units. The first volume represents a literary anthology of selected immigrant authors, while the second one depicts everyday immigrant life through the oral history method. The importance of the project lies not only in its notable comparative perception of migratory experiences, offered by such international cooperation, but also in the fact that it enabled a research network among researchers in the field of Canadian studies from the above mentioned countries, useful for future researches in the field.

Project manager

Project manager at ZRC