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The Urban Diversity project addresses the issues of migrant entrepreneurship, creativity and cross-border cooperation. The project is based on the assumption that migrant entrepreneurs live and work in both cities, Ljubljana and Graz. Although the cities offer them some programmes of incentives and assistance, they still face administrative, legal and social obstacles that hamper their work and everyday activities.

The purpose of the Urban Diversity project is to acquire knowledge to create concrete instruments and strategies aimed at developing creativity, promoting performance of small and medium-sized companies and supporting active participation and empowerment of migrant entrepreneurs. To this end, the transnational communication platforms will be established as well as creative environments, which will promote cooperation between migrant entrepreneurs, creatives, local authorities and residents of both cities. All project activities strive to promote the political, economic and social equality of migrant entrepreneurs and their active involvement in all spheres of social life and creative production. Special emphasis is given on education and acquisition of specific skills, knowledge, new business ties and opportunities.

The project creates a positive promotion in a society that leads to a more tolerant attitude of the local inhabitants towards the migrant entrepreneurs, fosters their integration into society and prevents alienation, marginalisation and isolation. In the long run, however, it leads to a greater cohesion in both cities, a greater economic competitiveness of the region and its openness to the world.