Biti Slovenec v Argentini. Kompleksnost identitetnih procesov argentinskih Slovencev

Author: Nadia Molek
Year: 2019

Nadia Molek offers an analysis of the complexity of identity processes of Argentine-Slovenians, which adresses a new contribuition to the historical, ethnological and anthropological researches about the Slovenian migration processes to Argentina.
Through an intensive ethnographic empirical research, autoetnography as well as anthropological analysis of secondary sources, the book looks to connect the different socio-cultural and historical-political circumstances that contextualized the diverse migration and integration processes of the Slovenians to Argentina with the different processes of clustering, grupal differentiation and identities. What does Slovenianess entail for the different migration flows? Do they share the feeling of belonging together to the same imagined community? These are the central research questions of a book that deals with the different configuration of Slovenianess and community structurations in Argentina.
Molek looks to surpass the previous assimilationist interpretations of the immigration and identity processes of the Slovenians to Argentina. The aim of the book is to demonstrate that Slovenianess in Argentina is not “disappearing”, but it is a dynamic and heterogeneous, negotiated and reshaped by the actors in relational contextes.

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Temeljni pojmi

Čezoceanske migracije v Argentino

Izseljevanje slovencev v Argentino

Različna vzspostavljanja slovenstva v Argentini


Identifikacijski procesi pri Slovencih med obema vojnama

Slovenski begunci po drugi svetovni vojni

»Mi« in »Drugi«



Stvarno in imensko kazalo

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