Strategic plan SMI, 2021-2026

This Strategic Plan of the Slovenian Migration Institute (SMI) at the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts for the period 2021–2026 lays down the basic guidelines for our future activities and efforts to achieve specific results, as well as decisions in the next five years. It is connected to fundamental considerations in three basic areas of our activity: results, people and funding. All objectives planned are related to creating a research team as a unit enabling individual scientific research stories and serving as a collective, generating synergies between the team and teamwork as a new virtue. This virtue is also connected to a stable HR policy and high-quality working conditions. I believe our research ambitions will be achieved much more successfully with a clear strategic orientation. This strategy will help the staff carry out their duties to a high standard, serving also as the SMI’s identity card for those viewing from the outside.

Head of the SMI,
prof. Marina Lukšič Hacin, PhD


Strategic plan SMI