Basic information
1 January 1999–30 June 2001

The project was based on a doctor's dissertation that analyzed the Swedish multiculturalism through the situation and life of Slovene emigrants in Swedish society/culture. The project is focused on the Slovenes in Sweden: historical overview of their settlement, employment and the organisation of Slovene emigrant societies; their later connection with the Yugoslav Union and their branching-off from it (that was accompanied with a demonstration and support to the emancipation of Slovenia in the nineties); the analyses of the situation of Slovenes in Sweden compared to other immigrant societies, within the multicultural model of the Swedish migration policy (social and professional stratification); the attitude of the (un)official Slovene (Yugoslav) policies towards Slovene emigrants in Sweden. We assume that the official Slovene (Yugoslav) policy – because of the Swedish social state and democracy, which were much more developed there than in Yugoslavia – has ''silently renamed'' the economic emigrants to political emigrants. The analysis itself rounded up and fulfilled the image of life and positions of Slovene emigrants within the Swedish society as well as in the connection with their native land.

Project manager at ZRC