Basic information
Original title:
Chasing dreams, confronting realities: European Neo-nomadism in Sahara and the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts
Researchers involved:
1 October 2011–30 September 2013

The project is a part of the international research programme Runaway World: Marginal African and European Mobilites – Confronting Perceptions. The aim of the programme is to examine through four overlapping ethnographic case studies the emergence of new forms of marginal mobilities – lifestyles, livelihoods and nomadic mentalities that question social, economic and legal mainstream flows – in Africa and Europe. The applicant's work studies European „live-on-board” and „house-truck” neo-nomads in areas characterized by frequent migrant smuggling to Europe, such as Western Sahara and Mauritania, and the Greek-Turkish shoreline. The project consists of two ethnographic cases. One is going to be carried out by the principal investigator Špela Kalčić, the other by the project member Nataša Rogelja. The project is feasible also if carried out independently and is preserving all the originally planned aims and objectives.

Project manager at ZRC

Fields of research

Kulturna antropologija, etnologija S220