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Prevention of Early Dropout of VET Through Inclusive Strategies of Migrants and Roma
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1 September 2015–30 September 2018

In the EU, 6 million young people between 18 and 24 do not have a finished VET or another secondary school. Conse­quently, these youngsters face deprivation and unemploy­ment, which in turn influences the social and economical development of a country. Especially migrants and Roma face these difficulties. Furthermore, these groups face dis­crimination at the transition from general school to VET. The ET 2020 strategy now aims at reducing the drop­out rate to below 10% by 2020. The EU project PREDIS helps in reaching this goal.

PREDIS is a future oriented strategy which aims to improve the social and economic participation of migrant youth and Roma. Our main focus is on reducing dropout rates from vocational education, fostering better transition from general school to VET and from VET to employment. Working in collaboration with teachers, VET trainers, policy makers, professionals engaged in youth work, experts in the field, employment agencies and em­ployers, we develop innovative pedagogical contents, meth­ods. We transfer the most current information in this area to vocational teaching professionals, educationists and other multipliers. Approaches empower migrant youth and Roma with core skills and competencies which enhance their achievement in schools, vocational education and inte­gration into the labour market.

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