Mojca Vah Jevšnik, PhD

Research Associate, Assistant Professor

+386 1 470 64 87


Mojca Vah Jevšnik holds a PhD in Social Work Studies, MA in Migration Studies and BA in Sociology. Her research interests are labour migration, social policy, public health, comparative welfare state studies and social protection of diaspora. She is particularly interested in exploring labour migration of people who provide care, including healthcare workers, care workers, humanitarian workers and social workers. She is currently involved in the research on posting of workers within the EU, focusing in particular on their occupational safety, health and social protection.

Research Projects (selection):

Vah Jevšnik, Mojca, Cukut Krilić, Sanja. Diaspora policies, consular services and social protection for Slovenian citizens abroad. In: Lafleur, Jean-Michel (ed.), Vintila, Daniela (ed.). Migration and social protection in Europe and beyond. Vol. 2, Comparing consular services and diaspora policies. Cham: Springer, 2020. Pp. 441-456. IMISCOE Research Series:

Vah Jevšnik, Mojca. Welfare Considerations Underpinning Healthcare Workers’ Decision about Migration: The Case of Slovenia. In: Ryndyk, Oleksandr (ed.), Suter, Brigitte (ed.), Odden, Gunhild (ed.). Migration to and from Welfare States. Lived Experiences of the Welfare-Migration Nexus in a Globalised World. Cham: Springer, 2021 (in press). IMISCOE Research Series:

Vah Jevšnik, Mojca. The ethical dimension of healthcare worker mobility. In: TOPLAK, Kristina (ed.), VAH JEVŠNIK, Mojca (ed.). Labour mobility in the EU. 1st ed. Ljubljana: ZRC SAZU Publishing, 2018. Pp. 39-59. Migracije, 28.

VAH JEVŠNIK, Mojca, ROGELJA, Nataša. Occupational safety and health in transnational workplaces: the case of posted workers. Dve domovini : razprave o izseljenstvu. 2018, [No.] 48, Pp. 23-36.

VAH JEVŠNIK, Mojca, TOPLAK, Kristina. The impact of welfare generosity on emigration: the case of Slovenia. In: FALTʼAN, Lʼubomír (ed.). Cross-border migration and its implications for the Central European area. Bratislava: Slovak Committee for UNESCO MOST Programme: Institute for Sociology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, 2015, Pp. 130-146.

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