Jure Gombač, PhD
PhD in Sociology, Historian, Associate Professor, Senior Research Associate

+386 1 470 64 68, +386 40 803 789


Jure Gombač studied History and Sociology at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. He later worked at the University of Ljubljana, University of Primorska in Koper, Slovenia and University of Trieste, Italy. He was involved in various international research projects with the University of Bologna, Jakobstad Svenska Arbetarinstitut, (Finland), University Ca` Foscari (Venice, Italy) University of Zagreb, Croatia … At the moment he works as a researcher for the Institute for Slovenian Emigration Studies. He has a Ph.D in the field of Sociology and his research lies mainly in the field of forced migrations from Yugoslavia, East and Central Europe after the Second World War.

Fields of work: migration theories, forced migrations, refugees, labor migrations

MORAD, Mohammad, GOMBAČ, Jure (2018): "Probashi" in Italy : new destinations : trends, origins and profiles of Bangladeshi migrants in Padova and Cadoneghe. Dve domovini : razprave o izseljenstvu, ], 2018, [Št.] 47, str. 37-52.

GOMBAČ, Jure (2017): The role(s) of borders in EU "migration management". V: ZENNER, Hans-Peter (ed.), ŠELIH, Alenka (ed.). Human rights and refugees, (Nova acta Leopoldina, ISSN 0369-5034, Neue Folge, Nr. 415). Halle (Saale): Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina - Nationale Akademie der Wissenschaften; Stuttgart: Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft. 2017, neue Folge, nr. 415, str. 17-22.

MORAD, Mohammad, GOMBAČ, Jure (2015). Transmigrants, transnational linkages and ways of belonging : the case of Bangladeshi migrants in Italy. Dve domovini : razprave o izseljenstvu, [Št.] 41, str. 61-76.

GOMBAČ, Jure (2016): Ogromno delo, uspešno, vzorno!" : "upravljanje" mej v Sloveniji v času povečanega prihoda migrantov 2015/2016. Časopis za kritiko znanosti, letn. 44, št. 264, str. 72-83.

GOMBAČ, Jure. (2015). Some new findings on massive post-war population movement from present-day Slovenian Istria. V: HROBAT VIRLOGET, Katja (ed.), GOUSSEFF, Catherine (ur.), CORNI, Gustavo (ed.). At home but foreigners : population transfers in 20th century Istria. Koper: University of Primorska, Science and Research Centre, Annales University Press. Str. 119-128.

GOMBAČ, Jure. (2014) Repatriation to Slovenia after World War II. V: BOEHLING, Rebecca (ed.), URBAN, Susanne (ed.), BIENERT, René (ed.). Freilegungen, Displaced Persons : Leben im Transit : Überlebende zwischen Repatriierung, Rehabilitation und Neuanfang, (Jahrbuch des International Tracing Service, Bd. 3). [Göttingen]: Wallstein. 2014, Str. 53-60.

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