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Posting of Workers: Sharing Experiences, Promoting Best Practices and Improving Access to Information
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1 December 2014–30 November 2016

PROJECT OBJECTIVE was to engage in different activities to increase the accessibility, transparency and coherence of information about the workers posted within the framework of providing services for different target groups (competent public services, employers and posted workers). A further objective was to improve the transnational cooperation between the national competent public services and social partners who work in the area of posting of workers, particularly with the exchange of information, familiarising of the IMI system and the exchange of good practices, with the intent of finding out irregularities in this area. The goal of the project was also to improve the knowledge about the directives and their implementation.


PROJECT GOALS were to increase knowledge among the shareholders and the general public about the directives of the European Parliament on posting workers to work in the frame of providing services. One of the goals was a more effective dialogue among the institutions that (co)operate in the process of posting workers.

Another important goal was to increase awareness among the workers, employers and competent bodies about the process of posting, the duties and rights stipulated by the legislation, and the possibilities to act in the case of irregularities in this area.


PROJECT ACTIVITIES included disseminating information and promoting European directives on the posting of workers to work within services, setting up a website about posting workers (, publishing a professional e-manual (, realising the research of the situation, coordinating expert meetings and visits of affiliated institutions with the intent of exchanging experience and good practices (in Ljubljana, Brussels and Rostock), producing an expert report (, organising national and several regional trainings in the area of posting workers in Slovenia.


Posting of Workers was co-financed under the EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) – PROGRESS.

The project was also co-financed by the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities of the Republic of Slovenia.

Lead partner

Project manager at ZRC


Labour Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia (Slovenia) • The Association of Free Trade Unions of Slovenia (Slovenia) • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (Slovenia) • Ministry of Labour and Pension System of the Republic of Croatia (Croatia) • University of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (Croatia) • Union of Autonomous Trade Unions of Croatia (Croatia) • University of Rostock, Chair of Business, Economics and Entrepreneurship Education (Germany) • Labour Inspection of the Federal Public Service Employment, Work and Social Dialogue (Belgium)