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Narodna in kulturna identiteta slovenskega izseljenstva v kontekstu raziskovanja migracij
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1 January 2013–31 December 2022

The program content represents continuity with and builds on previous research. The common thread is the study of the cultural, political and socio-economic situation of Slovenian emigrants and immigrants to Slovenia in the past and present, a situation that is reflected in their opportunities to participate actively in intercultural dialogue and maintain their original ethnic and cultural identity. This opens up a whole series of unresearched topics such as future challenges for Slovenian emigrants and immigrants to Slovenia, the importance of ICT for original cultural identity, etc. The topics link to a number of key concepts such as multiculturalism, interculturalism and integration, transnationalism, the virtual community, the ethnic economy... We shall continue to devote particular attention to the conservation of migrants' cultural heritage. There will be a special focus on the most topical issues relating to young people and their contemporary representations in the context of migrations, the question of developing intercultural consciousness at all stages of education, and the question of the most vulnerable groups of migrants. Promoting the principal achievements of the cultural and artistic production of immigrants in the receiving society is another important factor in the development of intercultural consciousness at the national level and of a multicultural national identity, both of which are preconditions for a stable society in every country.

When researching these questions, a comparative perspective is of fundamental importance, both in the context of international comparisons and in the context of the dialogue between past and present and between the experiences of Slovenian emigrants and immigrants to Slovenia.


1. We aim to continue the nationally most important long-term basic research in the field of migrations, which is not sufficiently covered by the project funding (contributions for a comprehensive general historical, socio-historical and cultural-historical overview of Slovenian emigration and immigration to Slovenia).

2. On the basis of our involvement in international projects and research trends, we aim to continue our long-term internationally comparable theoretical, methodological, epistemological and terminological migration studies.

3. With the help of case studies, we aim to make a decisive contribution to the critical evaluation of established migration and integration theories, policies and practices from the point of view of the social state, the stability of society, and social and human rights.

4. Through our experts' opinions for the public administration, with which we have already collaborated successfully, and through further collaboration with non-governmental organisations, the public sector (particularly schools at all levels of education) and emigrants' and immigrants' organisations, we aim to continue to ensure the practical application of our scholarly findings.

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